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Expertise in Ground Sleeve Manufacturing

Empower Mfg. is at the forefront of producing diverse ground sleeves including shaft sleeves, hook sleeves, wear sleeves, interstage sleeves, and distance sleeves. Designed with precision, these sleeves align perfectly with the shafts we fabricate. Empower can manufacture sleeves up to 10” diameter

Ground sleeves play a vital role in safeguarding the shaft against wear and corrosion. Engineered for affordability, they act as a protective layer, extending the shaft’s lifespan. Additionally, they serve as integral components in various sealing mechanisms. Emphasizing on factors like concentricity, and the accuracy of OD and ID sizes, our production leans on advanced grinding techniques and custom functional gauges, ensuring they meet your rigorous specifications.

A unique advantage of sleeves is their cost-effectiveness compared to the shafts they encompass. Thoughtfully engineered for replacement during routine maintenance checks, sleeves optimize the overall operational costs of pumps over their lifecycle.

Ground Sleeves


Embracing Modern Manufacturing

At Empower Mfg., we’re committed to serving our clients. Catering to professionals across procurement, sourcing, engineering, and planning sectors, our ambition is to deliver timely, high-quality shafts and components, testament to our superior production methodologies and exceptional customer care.

Empower Mfg. values its workforce, driving the creation of premium shafts and components. With a keen focus on motor and pump manufacturers, we harness the latest technology and trailblazing processes to ensure unparalleled results.


Custom Manufactured Shafts

We proudly manufacture shafts and components used to efficiently transfer energy from one part of a machine to another. From marine submersibles to pumps and electric motors—our shafts are custom manufactured with ultra-minute grinding tolerances for a product that fits YOUR application and functions properly. At Empower, we grind so that whatever you build keeps moving forward.