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We deliver custom shafts and components on-time and on-spec

Tapered Shaft: Empower manufactures tapered shaft/shafts for all types of electric motors, pumps, and end-markets, ranging from shafts just a few inches long that can be held in your hand to shafts over ten feet in length weighing thousands of pounds. We produce highly customized, engineered shafts and deliver with short lead times. Additionally, we produce moderate volumes of recurring part numbers on a regular basis. Many of our partners and customers require tapered shafts and we possess the machinery and processes to produce tapered shafts to your precise requirements. 


At Empower, we live to serve. Our number one goal is to achieve success for procurement, sourcing, engineering, and planning professionals by delivering shafts and components on-time and on-spec through superior processes and unmatched customer service.


Empower Mfg. is an employee-first manufacturer of precision shafts and components for makers of motors and pumps using cutting-edge technology and innovative processes. 


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