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Spline Shaft: We provide turnkey spline shaft/shafts that conform to customer drawings and specifications. Splines are common features we work with on a daily basis. With differing production methodologies depending on design and tolerance from hobbing, milling, broaching, and grinding, splines can be quite complex for manufacturers with less experience. 

Splines are added to increase the contact area between the shaft and mating parts, effectively increasing the amount of torque that can be transmitted.  The mating part generally contains grooves that allow the spline to have 360-degrees of contact around both parts. Splines also provide for some flexibility in the design of the entire system by allowing the mating components to float axially or vary in length. Depending on the application and design of the motor, splines may be external and machined on the outside diameter (OD) or internal and machined on the inside diameter (ID) of the shaft.  

There are many types of splines, depending on the application and the design engineer’s requirements. We typically see heat-treat or hardness requirements added to splined shafts.  These may be applied to the entire shaft or localized to ensure appropriate mechanical properties at the splines. For Empower, no matter the application, design, or treatment, we are able to deliver parts and components that help them succeed. 

At Empower, we live to serve. Our number one goal is to achieve success for procurement, sourcing, engineering, and planning professionals by delivering shafts and components on-time and on-spec through superior processes and unmatched customer service. 

Empower Mfg. is an employee-first manufacturer of precision shafts and components for makers of motors and pumps using cutting-edge technology and innovative processes. 

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