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Ground Sleeve: Empower Mfg manufactures a variety of ground sleeve/sleeves for pumps, including shaft sleeves, hook sleeves, wear sleeves, interstage sleeves, and distance sleeves. These sleeves are often incorporated into the same applications as the shafts we manufacture. Concentricity is critical, as are OD and ID sizes. We leverage our extensive grinding experience, capabilities, and custom functional gages to ensure we meet the most stringent customer requirements.

Ground sleeves are generally used to protect the shaft from wear or corrosion, sleeves may also be part of various sealing mechanisms. Sleeves are less expensive than the shafts they sit on, and engineers design them to be replaced as part of normal maintenance inspections and procedures to help manage the overall lifecycle cost of operating a pump.

At Empower, we live to serve. Our number one goal is to achieve success for procurement, sourcing, engineering, and planning professionals by delivering shafts and components on-time and on-spec through superior processes and unmatched customer service. 

Empower Mfg. is an employee-first manufacturer of precision shafts and components for makers of motors and pumps using cutting-edge technology and innovative processes. 

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