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Engineered Eccentric Shaft

We deliver custom shafts and components on-time and on-spec

Eccentric Shaft: Empower Mfg. produces eccentric shaft/shafts that give most other manufacturers a headache due to the imbalances that occur when turning centers. We’ve specialized in eccentric shafts for decades and have developed the processes to efficiently make shafts with offset features on each end—eccentric lobes/weights added for a specific function. 

Eccentric shafts can have a variety of uses, but two of the most common are for transferring rotational energy to linear motion, or for causing large magnitude oscillations. While linear motion is used to open, or close valves or drive rams in a system, oscillations may be used to drive shaker tables, grain sieves, and industrial equipment used to process solid media. These applications range from filtering atomized metals (powdered alloy manufacturing), to chemical and plastics production, and agriculture or food processing.

At Empower, we live to serve. Our number one goal is to achieve success for procurement, sourcing, engineering, and planning professionals by delivering shafts and components on-time and on-spec through superior processes and unmatched customer service.

Empower Mfg. is an employee-first manufacturer of precision shafts and components for makers of motors and pumps using cutting-edge technology and innovative processes.

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