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Custom Shafts For Unmatched Performance

Your project’s performance is as strong as its shaft. Understanding that, we at Empower focus on creating the perfect connection for your rotating components. Whether your device operates in the harshest of environments, from extreme temperatures and dust exposure to spaces requiring explosion-proof considerations, we’re equipped to deliver the precise shaft tailored to your needs.

Each shaft’s design and material are as unique as its application. That’s why our expertise spans from crafting shafts with common carbon steels to those requiring premium stainless steel or even the rarest nickel-based superalloys.

No matter the size or complexity, whether it’s a compact shaft you can hold in your hand or one spanning ten feet and weighing thousands, our commitment remains the same: a perfect fit for your application. With quick turnaround times, we’re also adept at fulfilling regular orders of varying volumes.

Motor Shaft


Empower Makes Your Premium Designed Shafts

At Empower, we craft custom, pump, motor, and specialty shafts tailored to your specific application and specifications. Specializing in custom-engineered solutions, we assure prompt deliveries and consistently meet recurring demands.

Empower’s custom shafts serve a plethora of sectors: from agriculture, chemical, municipalities, and water utilities to commercial construction, mining, solid waste, oil, and gas. Designed for endurance, these shafts synchronize all rotating elements that often run incessantly. 

Our engineering proficiency extends to crafting shafts not just from cost-effective carbon steel but also from robust materials meant for rigorous environments. Whether it’s duplex stainless steels, nickel alloys, or cobalt alloys, we excel in delivering shafts fit for their purpose and environment.


Precision Shafts for Every Application

With Empower Manufacturing at the helm, expect nothing less than the pinnacle of shaft excellence. Catering to a myriad of electric motors, pumps, and various other industries, we have crafted some of the most intricate components that exist.

Every project has unique demands, and we rise to the occasion. Whether it’s a tailor-made design or recurring orders, our facility churns out precision-engineered shafts consistently with rapid turnaround times. By understanding the intricacies of shafts and the pivotal role they play in efficient machinery, we’ve positioned ourselves as the go-to manufacturer for countless partners and clients. A tapered, as an example, shaft isn’t just another component—it’s a piece of engineering marvel. Its unique shape ensures optimal torque transmission and precise alignment in power transfer applications, making it indispensable in modern machinery. Its adaptability across various industries underscores its importance and why it remains in high demand.

Crafting the perfect shaft demands mastery and state-of-the-art machinery, both of which we proudly possess. Whether you seek a shaft for a specific electric motor or a general-purpose application, our team ensures your requirements translate to a tangible, high-performance product.

Tapered Shafts


Craftsmen of Specialty Shafts

Empower Mfg. stands out in producing intricate specialty shafts like eccentric shafts. Our expertise spans decades, perfecting the art of creating shafts with unique offset features—eccentric lobes and weights crafted for specific applications.

Eccentric and Specialty shafts serve a myriad of purposes. Key among them:

  • Linear Motion: Driving vital operations such as valve adjustments and system rams.
  • Oscillations: Powering equipment like shaker tables, grain sieves, and machines for processing solid media. These have pivotal roles in diverse industries from powdered alloy manufacturing and chemical productions to agriculture and food processing.


Empowering Your Machines with Precision

Your success drives us. At Empower, our mission is to support professionals across procurement, sourcing, engineering, and planning by ensuring timely, spec-perfect shaft and component deliveries. Our advanced technology and innovative processes underscore our commitment to serving your needs, reinforcing our reputation as a premier manufacturer in the motor, pump, HVAC, and specialty shaft industries.

Discover the Empower difference and explore our full suite of services.


Custom Manufactured Shafts

We proudly manufacture shafts and components used to efficiently transfer energy from one part of a machine to another. From marine submersibles to pumps and electric motors—our shafts are custom manufactured with ultra-minute grinding tolerances for a product that fits YOUR application and functions properly. At Empower, we grind so that whatever you build keeps moving forward.