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About Us

Our Culture:
People Empowered to
Build and Grow.

Empowering generations of makers focused on creative problem-solving and building technical expertise. Always growing. Always serving.

Our Values.


Honesty and transparency are the bedrocks of trust, and trust cannot be built on a single action. We communicate openly and consistently with our customers and employees to foster lifelong relationships. At Empower Manufacturing®, the promises we make become our destiny.


As warriors against mediocrity, we vanquish the status quo. We constantly seek more efficient processes, innovative technologies, and new opportunities for training and development. We will never stop trying to better serve our customers with reduced lead times, clear communication, and higher-quality products.


At Empower Manufacturing®, our team is the energy that drives us forward. We treat every employee, customer, vendor, or partner with respect, no matter their role. Respect is not just a word, it is our way.


We are driven to grow—hungry for the next opportunity to prove ourselves, the next skill to master, the next customer to serve.


We rise and fall as a team. We value the ideas and input of every member and work together to solve problems and make progress.


In order to succeed, we must discover. At Empower Manufacturing®, we experiment, test, fail, and learn. We will continue to explore the unknown to find the next solution.


People Power. The best businesses in the world are made of great talent attracted by a great culture. By constantly working to improve our culture, we empower our team to be successful every day. Customers receive the best service and products, and our enterprise continues to succeed as a result.

Proud Makers. Manufacturing is more exciting today than ever. For hands-on problem solvers and the naturally curious, it’s one of the most rewarding career paths. Every day you are challenged to think creatively and learn new technologies on a regular basis. We believe in the bright future of American manufacturing.

Tech Wins. Technology will allow us to compete and win on a global scale. Innovation, process capabilities, and high-touch customer service will always beat low-cost labor.

Keep Shop. We spend a significant portion of our lives at work. Therefore, it’s important to work in an environment that you love and continue to make it better.

Servant Leaders. The best leaders empower employees to grow, encourage them to test new ideas and provide them with the tools to be successful.

the best,
the brightest,
the greatest.

Behind the Scenes

Empower people are tolerance-techs and grind-gurus. Our processes and techniques allow us to machine some of the most customized shafts and component parts for makers of niche motors and pumps. Take a behind the scenes look at our technology center and machine shop.

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